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Rugs can be made of wool, cotton, silk, jute and other natural materials. Silk is sometimes used in wool rugs for the outlines or highlights of the pattern to enhance the design. Hand knotted and hand woven rugs can last many generations if they are of good quality and properly maintained. Also called Oriental rugs, hand knotted and hand woven rugs are often collectibles. The quality of these rugs depends on numerous factors, such as the knot count, dyes used and quality of the yarns. Hand knotted rugs are typically more costly, but the life span of these rugs is greater and therefore usually a better value for your money. Hand knotted rugs are made on a specially designed loom and are knotted by hand. The making of hand knotted rugs is a very ancient art that deserves a lot of admiration! The size of the loom depends on the size of the rug and the weaving is done from the bottom to the top. The rug weaver inserts the “knots” into the foundation of the rug and they are tied by hand, this makes up the “pile” of the rug. This is a very tedious and time consuming operation. The facts pertaining to the knot count of an Oriental rug are a little complicated. Just counting the knots per square inch (kpsi) alone normally does not give a true indication of the quality of an Oriental rug. One also needs to know the type, and the village or the tribe that the rug comes from. Therefore, purely counting knots without knowing the type and origin of the rug is not a good indication of it’s quality or value. Handmade rugs are where its at when it comes to quality and longevity. Beautiful handmade rugs have a sturdier structure because the fringe and all finished edges are part of the rug itself. In comparison to machine made rugs, where these finishing details are added on. A machine made rug may last for a few years but a handmade rug will last a lifetime. Hand-made rugs are more valuable than machine-made rugs.

With a hand-knotted rug, you will see the exact design on the back, sans the pile of course. If the rug has fringes, you will notice that they aren’t just sewn or glued to the edge of the rug – but that each strand of fringe is running through the entire length of the rug and coming out the other end. Fringes in hand-knotted rugs are really the “skeleton” or loom or foundation of the rug. Each knot is woven around two or more strands of the fringes.

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